What is EQubed?

Our Vision: to build a centre of thriving businesses in this community run primarily by disengaged young people, generating services and products which complement and extend those presently available within this community.

This Social Enterprise Centre will principally reinvest surpluses for the purpose of social outcomes.

Across Victoria, an alarming number of students are disengaging from school and society. The numbers are increasing. Affirmative action must be taken to improve and validate these young people’s lives and to prevent the undermining of the values that exist in our otherwise stable and affluent society. To continue to ignore the social alienation and dislocation of whole Victorian communities and their potentially undesirable consequences, we do at our peril.

E Qubed is a social and economic risk-management strategy/program seeking to reduce the injustice of disadvantage in Broadmeadows. This will be achieved through the provision of learning experiences and opportunities where participants gain awareness and a wealth of practical skills and experiences to change their outlooks and future prospects, and to thus address the existing imbalance.

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About EQubed

EQubed provides innovative learning and earning solutions to empower young people to break the cycle of disadvantage and social exclusion. Learn More.

The EQubed Community

The EQubed Community allows students to collaborate with each other and employers to post jobs.
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